why the long query strings?

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Thread: why the long query strings?

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    Default why the long query strings?

    Can someone tell me why so many websit have absoultley massive query strings in them such as?<BR>This is from a search on niketown.com<BR><BR>http://nike.ask.com/Filter.asp?jsessionid=RBJCO01K4ZXNWCQCGIMCFEYKAIZB KIV0&ask=quick+dry+pant&origin=0&qsource=300&snaps hot=nike&jsessionid=RBJCO01K4ZXNWCQCGIMCFEYKAIZBKI V0&direct=true&aj_ques=snapshot%3Dnike%26kbid%3D81 6972%26item1%3D818874-818885&aj_logid=A244313147D75046BBA3D91BDE11E4D0&a j_rank=1&aj_score=6.5&aj_list1=818874-818885&aj_list2=818481-819899&&category=Nike_Products&model_name~Dri-FIT&model_name~*

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    Default They are passing a lot of data

    from page to page and they don&#039;t want to rely on session variables or hidden form fields. Also if you pass all your info this way the url can be bookmarked. The largest part of this url consists of login and session ids though which is rather confusing. For security purposes I&#039;d think you&#039;d want to pass this info behind the scenes but it looks as though this url is to a product view and contains the filter information (hence the name of the page) that the visitor selected. If you bookmarked this page chances are later you could return to the exact same view even with a different session id.

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