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    Hi,<BR><BR>Thanx for trying to help me. <BR><BR>I have a listbox ina web page which contains some values. The problem is when i select one value form the list box, the records corresponding to the value are retrieved but the chosen value is not retained in the list box . how can i overcome this. Please help.<BR><BR>Thanx again<BR>-Melba

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    If you are refreshing the page based on the selction from the list box then you need to add an if statement like <BR>this will assume you are useing a variable to set the request string<BR>Dim SomeVar<BR>SomeVar=Request.form("Yourdropdownname" )<BR> <BR>&#060;option &#060;% if somevar="This option" Then Response.write "Selected"%&#062;&#062;This option <BR><BR>if the options are hard code then you will need to add that to each option if it is populated from a recordset you only need to do it once<BR>

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    Melba Guest

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    Hi Steve,<BR><BR>Thanx a lot. It worked fine.<BR><BR>- Melba<BR>

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