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    Is it correct / logical that I can not paste large amounts of text into a ntext record straight into the SQL Db, but that I can add the same amount of data through a form and SP? Does this make sence, and if so, how come?<BR><BR>Once the record contains a certain number of bytes, iut comes up as &#060;long text&#062; and I cannot change it in Enterprise Manager.<BR><BR>I should be using ntext right as the code contains Unicode (it&#039;s HTML that I&#039;m stroing), or is there a better way of storing HTML in a DB?

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    HTML is not necessarily Unicode. You could use type Text if you&#039;re not storing special characters or languages. The other way to do it is like on 4GuysFromRolla, they have separate HMTL pages and they store the links in the SQL database.

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