Numerics hate me.

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Thread: Numerics hate me.

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    Default Numerics hate me.

    <BR><BR>if cdbl(intTemp2) &#062; cdbl(intTemp0) then<BR>    ......<BR>end if<BR><BR>
    <BR><BR>intTemp2=51832.27<BR>intTemp0=51782.128906 25<BR><BR>ok, I give up. What stupid thing am I doing now?<BR><BR>

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    Default you've got a problem elsewhere

    Copy and paste this into a .vbs file and double click it. It shows the proper result.<BR><BR>Dim intTemp2<BR>Dim intTemp0<BR><BR>intTemp2 = 51832.27 <BR>intTemp0 =51782.12890625 <BR><BR> if cdbl(intTemp2) &#062; cdbl(intTemp0) then <BR> msgbox "yes"<BR>else<BR> msgbox "no"<BR>end if

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