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    Default connection string

    i am having a problem with the connection string.<BR>i am using sql server 7.0, i can&#039;t figure the error.<BR>here is the connection string:<BR>PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB.1;DATA SOURCE =d:MSSQL7dataE-groups_Data.MDF<BR> and the following is the error Error Type:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80004005)<BR>[DBNMPNTW]Specified SQL server not found.<BR>/e-groups/asp_pages/register.asp, line 29<BR><BR>HELP!!<BR>

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    Default data source = servername

    You don&#039;t connect to physical files when using sql server<BR><BR>If the database is running on your local server then use localhost as your data source.

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