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    Hi.<BR><BR>I am a data coordinator, working for a domestic violence shelter in Tampa, Fl. When I started here six months ago, the idea was that I would come in here and simply take over a handful of technical/administrative duties. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that the organization was completely unorganized, the software intended to track client information was being completely mismanaged, and the “IT department” (all three of us) was in need of some answers, quickly.<BR><BR>Ultimately, we learned that the crux of our problem was a complete absence of reporting. The software currently in place does an adequate job of capturing data, but there were no reports to speak of.<BR><BR>So, after untangling all of the tables and their relationships to each other (Access2000), I’m at the point where I’ve been able to build some queries that will be used for reporting purposes. Most of the reports this organization requires reference several of these queries, and most of these queries contain subqueries. I’ve learned that the reporting functionality of Access 2000 is greatly reduced when you try to reference multiple queries or queries with subqueries.<BR><BR>Since I ran into a hard time trying to use Access, I’ve turned to ASP pages. ASP actually provides a dual-benenfit. I can craft good reports using ASP, and for anything that the pre-existing software doesn’t capture, I can create ASP forms to feed the database.<BR><BR>The problem now is: I have no idea how to set up a web server. This organization has several servers, and the one that houses the Access database has IIS set up on it. I don’t really know where to begin.<BR><BR>I’ve got a book, “Windows 2000 Server Administrator’s Companion”, and I plan on reading the IIS chapters thoroughly, but I thought maybe I should get involved with some more experienced administrator’s out there, hopefully to gain some insight.<BR><BR>Any books you might suggest? Is this website a good resource? Any other sites or resources you can share would be appreciated. Thank you.<BR><BR>Josh in Tampa<BR>

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    Hi Josh, yes in deed this site is a great great resource, not only for a start, but also for advance ASP subjects.<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/<BR><BR>I suggest you don&#039;t buy any book, most of the examples you need to start programming in ASP are on the Internet.<BR><BR>To set up IIS, I recomend you to visit this link <BR>http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp?url=/technet/prodtechnol/iis/reskit/iis50rg/iischp6.asp<BR><BR>here you can find out about how applications are setup on IIS, and more.<BR><BR>Also another site you could use for reference in ASP and ADO (wich is the way ASP uses databases)<BR>http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/asp/quickref/asp_intro.html<BR><BR>and for ADO<BR>http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/ado/quickref/ado_intro.html<BR><BR>I hope you enjoy programming in ASP<BR><BR>----------------<BR>Edgar Sosa<BR>Mexicali BC México

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