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    I&#039;m trying to use paging on an asp page that uses a SQL statement that pulls data from two tables. I&#039;ve tried "Paging Through a Recordset" ( but I&#039;m getting repeated records:<BR><BR>page 1 - <BR>record 1 though 10<BR><BR>page 2 - <BR>records 6 through 15<BR><BR>page 3 - <BR>records 10 through 16<BR><BR>page 4 - <BR>record 16<BR><BR>I believe this is happening because there is a one to many relationship between the tables. So although there are 16 records, there are more than 16 rows. The results are displayed like this:<BR><BR>Sample record - <BR><BR>Title: Frost Speaks at Conference<BR>Event: Public Policy Conference<BR>Topic: Politics, Student Activism<BR><BR>"Topic" can have more than one value.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas how I can get paging to work in this kind of situation.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Elizabeth

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    Default Rows and records are the same thing.

    I&#039;m not sure what you mean that there are only 16 records but more than 16 rows.<BR><BR>Have you tried the FAQs here? I&#039;m sure there&#039;s some example on this site (or one of it&#039;s partner sites) somewhere.<BR><BR>If you still have no luck, post the relevant code and SQL statements, and we&#039;ll see what&#039;s wrong.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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