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    Hi<BR><BR>My company has asked me to develop a COM object that would be able to use within ASP scripts using VBScript. The object spec briefly is to allow a search of PDF, word and various other well known document files for keywords passed to the object.<BR><BR>My two questions are:<BR><BR>1) Having never done any COM before I need to know whether I should develop this in a Win2000 Server enviornment using C++ or VB (C++ I guess would be better) or if doing it in an XP Prof. Environment using Managed C++ or C# would be the better option. My worries are backward compatibility. The COM object is to be used in ASP scripts only, not ASP.NET so I am assuming to use C++, but I was wanting to avoid the DLL Hell issues I&#039;ve heard so much about by using the ASP.NET method of the BIN directory for DLL&#039;s for development purposes only and then moving the developed DLL across to the Win2000 server...<BR><BR>2) Where can I get documentation that would allow me to know how to get the object to search through these various file types. I am specifically interested in the PDF file format.<BR><BR>Any help in this regard would really be great, many thanks.<BR><BR>John Cogan

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    1) I would probably use C++ and create a "normal" COM object. Because the .NET stuff is compiled to CLR, I&#039;m pretty sure the target machine needs the .NET framework on it - something most don&#039;t yet.<BR><BR>2) will probably be helpful.<BR><BR>Sorry I can&#039;t be of any more help. Someone like DG (Desert Ghost) or Bill Wilkinson may be able to provide a more in-depth look at COM for you, if you want or need it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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