Dragos Marian Barbu<BR>_________________________________________ ________________<BR>Email: dragosb@pcnet.ro<BR><BR><BR>Personal Information<BR>Date of birth : August 29, 1974<BR><BR>Education<BR><BR>ROMANIAN - AMERICAN UNIVERSITY - Bucharest 2001<BR>Internal and International Commercial and Finance - Banking Relations Faculty <BR> <BR>NICOLAE KRETULESCU COLLEGE - Bucharest<BR>Finance – Accounting College 1994<BR><BR>Work Experience<BR><BR><BR> .NET Programmer – Ciel Romania, Bucharest 10/2002 – 03/2003<BR>- Developing a module for an accountancy application for Idylis France.<BR>For reference, contact Paul Paschievici (General Director) - paul.paschievici@ciel.ro<BR><BR><BR>Project Management & Web development – Cyber Enterprises, Bucharest 12/2001 – 10/2002<BR>- Managing and developing http://www.licitart.ro (for Romanian market)<BR>- Managing and developing the political satire and online game project www.idiot.ro (for Romanian market)<BR>- Managing and developing a site for lawyers registering http://www.avocatultau.ro (for Romanian market)<BR><BR><BR>Project Management & Web development – Freelancer 2000 -<BR>- Managing and developing the Iranian Directory project www.iranniandirectory.com/default.asp <BR>- Co-Developer - www.amr.ro (in development)<BR><BR><BR>PROJECT & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER – SOFTECH DESIGN LTD. 06/2000 – 12/2001<BR>- Idea and development of www.infointernet.ro (in development stage in Microsoft .NET)<BR>- Complete design and development of www.infocumparaturi.ro in ASP + MS SQL Server (in development stage – see at http://softech.infointernet.ro/demo/infocumparaturi ) <BR>- Complete design and development of www.pronet-group.com in ASP + MS Access<BR>- Managing the development of www.iaai.org (http://iaaibeta.posiweb.net )<BR>- Managing the development of www.infointernet.ro/medexpert <BR>- Complete design and development of www.laeve.com in ASP + MS SQL Server<BR>- Complete design and development of http://www.laadam.com/ in ASP + MS SQL Server (in development stage)<BR> - Administration section for www.russianfortuna.com – escort section (http://www.russianfortuna.com/escort/escort.asp)<BR>- Report request submission development: www.clearcredit.org <BR>- Development of http://www.my-e-credit.org/<BR>- Development of http://www.quick-reports.com/ <BR>- Development of http://www.ecreditstore.net/<BR>- Development of http://********-your-report.com/<BR><BR><BR>WEB DEVELOPER - MIRABILIS MEDIA<BR>01/2001<BR>- Concept and designing www.studentgroupnetwork.com <BR>- Concept and designing www.melbourneclubguide.com <BR>- Co-Developing www.kiosk.ro <BR><BR><BR>WEB DEVELOPER/ WEBMASTER – IDEEA STUDIO S.A. 2000<BR>- Re-designing and administering www.ideeastudio.com <BR>- Web master<BR><BR><BR>PROGRAMMER / WEB DEVELOPER – CONTROL DATA SYSTEMS 2000<BR>- ASP application for www.modelldate.com <BR><BR><BR>PROGRAMMER / WEB DEVELOPER – OGILVY INTERACTIVE<BR> 1999 - 2000<BR>- Co - Developing the future EasyNet portal: HTML and PHP scripting.<BR><BR><BR>GRAPHICIAN – SOFTWIN www.softwin.ro <BR> 1999<BR><BR><BR>PROGRAMMER/TESTER - BRILLIANT BUSINESS 1999<BR>- Programmer - tester for the Berkshire Community Web Site: MS SQL Server scripting, ASP and HTML programming and testing (http://www.berkshiregrowth.com/)<BR><BR><BR>PROGRAMMER/ANALYST/WEBMASTER - LOGIMAX S.A. 1998 - 1999<BR>- Banking software localization (GLOBUS by TEMENOS).<BR>- Banking software related web site development.<BR>- Designing and developing databases using MS Access, Visual FoxPro.<BR>- Developing a demo of company website: http://www.logimax.ro/<BR><BR><BR>COMMERCIAL ASSISTANT - “ANA INDUSTRIES” S.R.L. 1996 - 1998<BR>- December 1996 - April 1997 commercial assistant in the Video - Audio department.<BR>- From April 1997 working in the IT department.<BR><BR><BR>ACCOUNTANT - “VOX MARIS” S.R.L. 1995 - 1996<BR><BR><BR>ACCOUNTANT - “SILCOREX” S.R.L. 1995<BR>- Doing all the accountancy work: from the primary documents to balance sheet and profit and loss statement, Ordering and transferring the accountancy department on computer.<BR>- Working in the export - import environment, filling custom statements.<BR>- Working with bank: filling the paying checks/orders.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Extra activities<BR><BR>- Editor of the “Database” section since January 2001 – www.epress.ro <BR>2001 - <BR>- Member of the Romanian translation team for Mandrake Linux - http://www.mandrakelinux.com/l10n/teams.php3 <BR>2000 -<BR><BR>Summary of Qualifications<BR><BR><BR>- Financial Analysis - Institutul National de Formare in Management pentru Turism. 1996<BR>- HTML designer – Brainbench Certification http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=749971<BR>2001<BR><BR><BR>Skill s<BR><BR>Designing and developing databases in MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and any SQL based database.<BR>Graphics design in PaintShop Pro, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Macromedia Fireworks and Macromedia Flash.<BR>Web development in: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, DHTML and working in programs like MS FrontPage, Allaire HomeSite, Macromedia Dreaweaver/UltraDev/Drumbeat. <BR>Web servers used: MS IIS 4.0 / 5.0 / PWS, Apache, OmniHTTPd.<BR>Programming in Visual Studio (Visual Basic) and Visual Studio .NET.<BR>Operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux.<BR>3D animation: 3ds Max 4.2, Maya4, Bryce 5, Poser4.<BR><BR>Other<BR>Good analysis skills.<BR>Self starter, work well under pressure.<BR>Fast learner (espacially in new software design environments).<BR>Always willing to improve my software skills.<BR>Can work independently or in a team.<BR>Solid communication skills, both verbal and written.<BR><BR>Languages<BR><BR>Romanian (native), English (technical), French.<BR>