OK, here&#039;s a brief summary of my situation:<BR>I run two databases (bisproj and bisproj0304) with seperate dsn definitions.<BR>These are contained in two seperate corresponding folders, with self contained pages in each.<BR>When i look at pages in bisproj0304, everythings fine. But then when i switch to pages in bisproj, i only get the pages from bisproj0304, despite very different file paths, file names and dsn&#039;s.<BR>Before anyone mentions the response headers, cache controls and buffering, i&#039;ve already done that.It&#039;s an odd problem, as i can&#039;t re-create the problem on my own machine, no one else in my department gets it, but the server has started with it and one other person has reported this problem.<BR>I&#039;d love to hear from anyone with some alternative suggestions.<BR><BR>