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    I&#039;ve tried with the "Save as" dialog feature: <BR><BR>My code: <BR>-------------------------- <BR>function callSaveAs(strPath) { <BR> if (document.execCommand) { <BR> document.execCommand("SaveAs", false,strPath); <BR> }else { <BR> alert(&#039;SaveAs Function Not Supported by Browser&#039;); <BR> } <BR>} <BR><BR>strPath variable contains the path where my file located. <BR>Where the "Save as" dialog box appear and i save the file, <BR>somehow the content of the file is not the original content but <BR>the asp page. <BR>How to solve it?

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    Default Not sure what your code does, but... far as I understand the "Save As" option saves the document currently displayed in the browser to your hard disk (or wherever). So it would be right that your ASP page gets saved.<BR><BR>What do you mean by "original content"?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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