Hi folks my name is edgar sosa, I am a web developer in mexico, my question is the following:<BR>Is there a way to know exactly wich session.sessionid&#039;s are active for a virtual directory ?<BR><BR>I have been trying to get this info, the closest I got was to use ADSI for asking properties for the context ("IIS://localhost/w3svc/1") but it seems like nobody has interest in knowing this info, the sessions that ADSI allows me to see are more like file sessions to a share printer or share resource on a machine, not the asp active sessions.<BR><BR>I know ASP is an isapi dlls running in IIS, so I thought maybe that info is in the memory space of that ISAPI, but then, the memory space of an isapi is loaded and unloaded as the isapi filter is requested, so maybe there is a place in the registry or the metabase where this info resides, do you know how can I get this info ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.