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    When I am creating an Image Web control at runtime and assign its URl property to a path which constracted from an AbsoluteUri and ‘Images’ (where ‘Images’ is a folder for all images, the result page does not display images, instead displayed just images placeholders. When right click and select Properties, I can see that a path to an image was written correctly. More: when I type that URL (path to an image in a browser, the page displayed error 403 “You are not authorised …”. I have tried to change properties of the ‘Image’ folder to allow full access for ASP.Net user, guest account, set Web sharing etc, but it did not work. I am sure that this is problem with the security access, because when I simply moved those image files into my application Web root folder, it worked OK. <BR>Question: what is necessary to be done to allow displaying the images created at runtime from another that Web application folder?<BR>I am using Windows XP Professional OS, Microsoft NET Framework Version 1.0 (1.0.3705), the application uses Form authentication.<BR>

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    Check the properties of the virtual directory of the Image folder from IIS console. Configuring folder security from Explorer won&#039;t help.

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