I have a few questions about using OCX-components in ASP:<BR>How can I register an OCX component in a Asp-file and use the OCX-component.<BR>In Visual Basic the use of OCX-component works good.<BR>Here is an example where I use the OCX-componet OPTPAGE1 in Visual Basic:<BR>·Form1.Show<BR>·Form1.OptPage1.UserTok en = objUserToken<BR>·lRet = Form1.OptPage1.LoadOptikaPage(objObjectID, 393434, 9, “”)<BR><BR>I have tried to do the same in ASP but it doesn’t works: <BR>I have regestred to OCX-component in my ASP like this:<BR>&#060;OBJECT RUNAT=”SERVER”<BR>classid=”clsid:D718B309-B8FB-11D1-B34F-00C04FD0D58E” id=OptPage1<BR>style=”LEFT: 0px; TOP: 0px” &#062;<BR>&#060;PARAM NAME=”_Version” VALUE=”65536”&#062;<BR>...&#060;/OBJECT&#062;<BR><BR>Is this the correct way to register an OCX-component in ASP?<BR>My next question is :<BR>How do I refer to the OCX.component in my ASP ?<BR>I have tried the following but it doesn’y work:<BR>window.OptPage1.UserToken = objUserToken<BR>lRet = window.OptPage1.LoadOptikaPage(objObjectID, 393434,<BR>9, “”)<BR><BR>My last question is:<BR>Can I call from ASP an VB application? The VB application is installed on the Client-machine.<BR><BR>Do you know any answers to my questions or can you help me to get one the way in finding a solutions to my problems.<BR>Thank you very much, <BR>You can send your reply to the following email-address: rhathie@kn.nl<BR>Once again, Thank you very much, <BR>Sincerely,<BR>R Hathie.<BR>