My ASP application is using an ActiveX .dll component created with VB6. I have recompiled the ActiveX component to make it an Active .exe file, with the object name and interfaces unchanged so that there is no change to the ASP pages that call the component. I want the ASP application to use the ActiveX .exe instead of the ActiveX .dll. I unregistered the ActiveX .dll on the IIS server and removed it from the server.<BR><BR>My question is how can I deploy the new ActiveX .exe component on the IIS server. Since all dependent files have been installed on the server when I first deployed the ActiveX .dll component, there is no point to create a Setup project for the Active .exe component. But I cannot just register an ActiveX .exe as I can for a newer version of ActiveX .dll.<BR><BR>I appreciate your help in pointing me to the right direction.