I&#039;m new to webservices, am getting an error try to load it wonder have some questions.<BR><BR>// when I run my aspx page, the service NewsService() is not being found<BR>&#060;Script Runat="Server"&#062; <BR><BR>Sub Page_Load <BR>Dim objNewsService As NewsService() <BR>Dim arrNews As String() <BR><BR>objNewsService = New NewsService() <BR>objNews = objNewsService.GetNews() <BR>rptNews.DataSource = arrNews <BR>rptNews.DataBind <BR>End Sub <BR><BR>&#060;/Script&#062; <BR><BR>my question. do I need .NET installed on my machine to compile the service or anything. I don&#039;t think I do, but that might explain the problems I&#039;m having.<BR><BR>// WEBSERVICE<BR>&#060;%@ WebService Class="NewsService" %&#062;<BR><BR>Imports System<BR>Imports System.Web.Services<BR><BR>&#060;WebService()&#062 ;Public Class NewsService : Inherits WebService<BR><BR>&#060;WebMethod( CacheDuration:=30 )&#062; Public Function GetNews() As String()<BR>Dim arrNews(2) As String<BR><BR>arrNews(0) = "This is my frst news line."<BR>arrNews(1) = "This is my second news line."<BR>arrNews(2) = "This is my third news line."<BR>return arrNews<BR><BR>End Function<BR>End Class<BR><BR>// ERROR<BR>Runtime error