What I am trying to do is string a &#060;text area&#062; from a form into records in a access database. Basically it will be a simple form with a text area that a user can paste data into and hit submit and it will string each line as a new record entry.<BR><BR>Example of text to be pasted:<BR><BR>[Thu Jan 25 14:39:33 2001] [strip this] Name1 <BR>[Thu Jan 25 14:39:33 2001] [strip this] Name2 <BR>[Thu Jan 25 14:39:33 2001] [Strip this] Name3 <BR>[Thu Jan 25 14:39:33 2001] [strip this] Name4<BR><BR>when you hit submit it will then parse each line and leave you with this<BR><BR>Name1<BR>Name2<BR>Name3<BR>Name4<BR><B R>Now I want to loop through each name and enter each value into the database.<BR><BR>The format of the data pasted will always be the same.<BR>Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks