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    Steve Fitzpatrick Guest

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    HI There<BR><BR>I need some help retrieving server variables.<BR><BR>I&#039m developing an intranet on PWS (it will eventually reside on II4), and my PC is part of an NT LAN. I want to identify the session user from his/her NT login, but I don&#039t want to make them logon when they try to get onto the site as they have to fill out 2 password boxes already to get that far. Unfortunately this means that my Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") variable is blank.<BR><BR>So, is there any way that I can identify them by piggy-backing their initial, regular NT login while still allowing anonymous access to the site, or do I have to piss them off by changing the authentication settings in the console and prompting them for yet more passwords?<BR><BR>Any help greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Steve

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    Henning Guest

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    Hi Steve, <BR><BR>I am simply disabling anonymous access and enabling NT Challenge/Response. So the Servervariables("Logon_User") is filled, for domain users this is without any login, for users of other domains there is a login required. Usually 80 % of our users can access our websites without login, and we have nice data for our sitestats ;-))<BR><BR>Hope this helps, Best regards<BR>Henning

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