Hi,<BR><BR>Onclick of a button, a VBA code is activated, in which a filter is set (to records where comboBox has "y" value in it). That&#039;s all.<BR><BR>What happens in fact is that when clicking the button I get the "Enter Parameter Value" box,which needs to be filled in.<BR>Why???<BR>I only asked to filter, and the filtering is not made.<BR><BR>The code:<BR>*********************<BR>Me.FilterOn = False<BR>Me.Filter = "myform.comboName=&#039;Y&#039;" Me.FilterOn = True &#039;Activates the above filter<BR>*********************<BR><BR>I did the same for another combobox, and have no problems.<BR>In both combo boxes, the row source type is: value list<BR>and the row source has one value: ("Y" in the above case)<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>Thanks