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    hi,<BR> I need to display 50,000 records from the database as report format.While displaying according to the field value i have to change the background color.For that purpose,<BR>1.i have to convert data into xml and then downlown to client , then i have to use js to generate table to display.<BR>(or)<BR>2.i can use table web control(even datagrid,datalist) for this suituation.<BR>But many of my collegue telling that it will affect hte performance.I need which one is better choice(for less timing for coding, debuging and performance).I believe coding and debuging is in no time in server control,and so better , but performance wise....?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Maris

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    i dont see any situation where returning 50,000 is going to be in the realm of "better perfomance"<BR><BR>you&#039;re going to end up with a huuuuuuuuuuge page download if you think you can stuff it on the client<BR><BR>as for server.. ick...<BR><BR>honestly, it&#039;ll be better to explore some sort of filtering instead of a table dump, and/or also do both methods (pagable datagrid and the client method) and do some testing yourself to make the best decision

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