I&#039;m developing an application that loads schema information. Since it&#039;s not known before hand what database will be accessed, I&#039;m using the OleDbDataReader.GetSchemaTable(), vs. using data base specific libraries (i.e. SqlDataReader, etc.). <BR><BR>Currently I&#039;m testing it against Sql Server&#039;s Northwind database. This is the output I get for the SupplierId column in the Suppliers table: <BR><BR>ColumnName = SupplierID <BR>ColumnOrdinal = 0 <BR>ColumnSize = 4 <BR>NumericPrecision = 10 <BR>NumericScale = 255 <BR>DataType = System.Int32 <BR>ProviderType = 3 <BR>IsLong = False <BR>AllowDBNull = False <BR>IsReadOnly = True <BR>IsRowVersion = False <BR>IsUnique = False <BR>IsKey = False <BR>IsAutoIncrement = False <BR>BaseSchemaName = <BR>BaseCatalogName = <BR>BaseTableName = <BR>BaseColumnName = <BR><BR>Most important are these three properties: <BR><BR>IsUnique = False <BR>IsKey = False <BR>IsAutoIncrement = False <BR><BR>You&#039;ll note that it is not being viewed as unique, a key, or autoincrement -- but the SupplierId column is all three?!? The rest of the properties are being properly assigned. <BR><BR>The code that I&#039;m using is straight from Microsoft&#039;s HOW-To section: <BR>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;310107 <BR><BR>It simply iterates through the resultant DataTable, and reads the schema column name and property. <BR><BR><BR>Likewise, I ran it against an Access database. I have a table name Category with a CategoryId column as the primary key, autonumber. Here is the output: <BR><BR>ColumnName = CategoryID <BR>ColumnOrdinal = 0 <BR>ColumnSize = 4 <BR>NumericPrecision = 10 <BR>NumericScale = 255 <BR>DataType = System.Int32 <BR>ProviderType = 3 <BR>IsLong = False <BR>AllowDBNull = False <BR>IsReadOnly = True <BR>IsRowVersion = False <BR>IsUnique = False <BR>IsKey = False <BR>IsAutoIncrement = False <BR>BaseSchemaName = <BR>BaseCatalogName = <BR>BaseTableName = <BR>BaseColumnName = <BR><BR>Once again, these properties are not appearing correctly: <BR><BR>IsUnique = False <BR>IsKey = False <BR>IsAutoIncrement = False <BR><BR><BR>This appears to be a bug w/ the OleDb namespace. Does anyone know: <BR><BR>1. If I&#039;m doing something wrong? <BR>2. If this is a bug, has it been fixed? I have the .NET SP2, which didn&#039;t do anything. <BR>3. Is there a workaround? How else can I programmatically find out if a column is an identity/autonumber column or not? <BR>4. If this is a bug, how can I get notify MS of it? <BR><BR>Please advise. Thanks! <BR><BR>Sean