Hi all,<BR>I&#039;m running an ASP application which worked just fine until I installed the .NET framework on my server.<BR><BR>Appearently, the installation changes the IIS configuration in some way (something have to do with "server extentions"?).<BR>Ever since, the ASP script does not return any error messages to the client on any type of error (syntax, runtime etc.)!<BR>Instead, it just keep loading and loading the page.<BR>Of course, the page remains the same coz it&#039;s stuck.<BR><BR>Any1 has any idea what does the .NET do to the IIS that can cause this? <BR>After reinstalling the IIS the ASP was OK again, but immediatly after getting the ASP.NET debugging to work, the ASP returned to the problematic condition again...<BR><BR>10x,<BR>Asaf