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Thread: email verify,password send,ban via sql

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    Default email verify,password send,ban via sql

    in an attempt to block certain people accessing my site,i want to set up a sign-up system that sends them a random password via email.i can then ban that email address when required.i am new to ASP.please can anybody point me in the right direction.thankyou kindly

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    Default First off, this is a CROSSPOST...

    ...which is a naughty thing to do.<BR><BR>But the reason you aren&#039;t getting answers is because the questions are too broad. What part do you need help with? Generating the random password? Sending the emails? What?<BR><BR>Many of the parts of your question are covered well in the ASPFAQs or in articles on 4Guys and other sites. I think none of us want to "write a book", which is what it would take to answer all your points.<BR><BR>Be specific. Show what you have coded so far. Ask small questions.<BR><BR>And read these:<BR><BR>

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