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    For starters, who spelled referrer wrong?<BR><BR>Ok, to the point: Is there an operating system named Windows EP? I have a feeling they meant to say XP. Anyway, I host a website where the owners were worried about people stealing their photos or using their bandwidth. So, I have the photos in a database using an ASP page to retreive the photos. I put a line of text in the ASP code to check the referrer [request.servervariables("http_referer")], and if the images are not being viewed from their website, they get a different image with a message telling the person viewing the image to visit their webiste.<BR><BR>This has worked fine for over a year. Recently, they had a complaint from someone who claims to be using Windows EP (probably meant to say XP). He says he&#039;s seeing the "Visit" graphics instead of the photos. It&#039;s working for me, and the ownwers of the website. I wonder why the other guy&#039;s not seeing it properly? Any thoughts?

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    Check the Conditions Where HTTP referer doewsn&#039;t work, like from JavaScript Links, or redirects, etc etc, and invetigate how he is linking to your page!<BR><BR>That&#039;ll probably shed some light!<BR><BR>HTH.<BR>D.

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    Default Also, check below...

    ...I answered something similar earlier.<BR><BR>Craig.

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