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    a multidimensional database? Would it really be faster?<BR>http://www.intersystems.com/cache/fusion/cache-prd_01.html<BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default HO HUM

    Been there, done that.<BR><BR>Cache is by no means the first to try this, despite their hype.<BR><BR>Versant did it back in about 1990.<BR><BR>Oh, they didn&#039;t use "sparse arrays", but I&#039;d be real surprised if there&#039;s a significant difference in the performance between Versant and this. <BR><BR>http://www.versant.com/<BR><BR>And the company I used to work for can handle *much* more data than either Cache or Versant and now even they have a version of SQL that can be used to get to their ultra-large DBs (one at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, CA, now has over 500 *TERA*bytes of data. Yes, that&#039;s 1000 times as much as 500 GIGA bytes. Or a *million* time 500 megabytes.<BR><BR>http://www.objy.com<BR><BR>So...HO HUM. Another one.<BR><BR>

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    Default As Bill said...

    Object-Oriented Databases are hardly a new technology. There was a rash of them back in the early 90s, or so I have been told by the professor who is my advisor/instructor for a couple database classes I&#039;ve had.

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