I have to load one page onto 2 servers but HOW??

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Thread: I have to load one page onto 2 servers but HOW??

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    Default I have to load one page onto 2 servers but HOW??

    I have a search page on my web site, server1, where you enter a product code into a textbox,click &#039;search&#039; then information about that product is returned on another "SimpleSearch.asp" page.<BR><BR>When a user hits the search button, the value in the textbox is passed to this function <BR><BR><BR> function Search(ADID) {<BR> if (ADID.value == "") {<BR> ADID.focus();<BR> alert("Please enter the store search code");<BR> } else {<BR> callToServer("../folder/SimpleSearch.asp?ADID="+ADID.value);<BR> }<BR> return false;<BR> }<BR><BR>The SimpleSearch.asp page searchs through my database for product information linked to the product code.<BR><BR>Now I must put this search page on another web site,server2. I&#039;ve ftp&#039;ed the search page to server2 but when I enter the product code,click on &#039;search&#039; the page doesnt go any where.<BR><BR>I tried changing the "../" to the link(ie www.blah.com/folder/SimpleSearch.asp?ADID="+ADID.value) for the results page but still the page seems static. <BR><BR>I have no control over the second web site, it&#039;s for a client whom I don&#039;t want access to the raw code. Must I ftp all pages that link to this search engine I&#039;ve developed to server2 , is there an easier way.<BR><BR><BR>Hope this makes sense<BR>Thanks

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    Default I don't get it

    Do both sites use the same DB, which stays on server1???<BR><BR>If the DB is on server2, then the code to search it will have to be there, as well.<BR><BR>And what does you callToServer() function do?<BR><BR>

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