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    I am about to go live with my first web site and have a question regarding uploading a file. My "Add/update product" page updates store catalog and allows uploading of a picture with &#060;input type="file"&#062; form field. My question is:<BR>What if I want to use the picture which already exists on the server? I suppose that with "Browse" button I can only browse my local hard disk. And also what happens if I try to upload a file (picture) that already exists in the destination folder? Hope there is someone out there with a bit of an experience with this. Thanks a lot!<BR>

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    Default Change the name of the files

    set them to something that considers the date and time or something like that<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Suggestion

    Have them choose an existing picture of the server from a dropdown menu (FSO) or maybe present a gallery they can choose from. If they upload one that already exists either overwrite the existing one or simply output an error.

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