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Thread: BIG DRAWABACK on VBSCRIP classes

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    salacos Guest

    Default BIG DRAWABACK on VBSCRIP classes

    i read the article posted about classes on this site and began working on them; after a while it was needed for me to use these objects at a session level .. BUT YOU CAN´T.. as written here:<BR><BR><BR>i really thing you should say so as a big note on that article it is a big drawback on classes as i see it so.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

    Default RE: not a BIG DRAWABACK

    I really don&#039t see this as a big problem. It is similiar to <BR>storing COM objects at the Session level. A definite no no. When<BR>you create a vbscript &#039class&#039 you should consider it just<BR>as you would a VB class. Since we shouldn&#039t need to maintain<BR>state, the design of the class should reflect this. Although<BR>I have seen the need for global level functions and session<BR>level variables, I cannot see a reason to store a function<BR>at the session level and I can make a global level function <BR>using include files.<BR><BR>Of course this is just my opinion, but i think most software<BR>developers would agree.

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