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    Hi all!<BR><BR>I have following 2 tables<BR><BR>Message_master(message_id,Message_de tails,No_replies)<BR>Reply_master(reply_id,message _id,Reply_details)<BR><BR>and I am displaying all the replies in the descending order in a for loop..<BR><BR>sqlget="select * from MESSAGE_MASTER M WHERE M.MESSAGE_ID="&ID<BR> set rsget=ObjDBConn.execute(sqlget)<BR> <BR> <BR> sqlrep="select * from REPLY_MASTER WHERE MESSAGE_ID="&id& "Order by reply_id desc"<BR> set rs_lst=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RECORDSET")<BR> rs_lst.Open sqlrep,objDBconn,adOpenForwardOnly <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> if not rs_lst.eof then<BR> aResults = rs_lst.getRows()<BR> iRows = UBound(aResults, 2)<BR> iCols = UBound(aResults, 1)<BR> <BR> <BR> iStop = iRows<BR> <BR> tot=""<BR> For iRowLoop = 0 to iStop<BR><BR>I am displaying all the values here...<BR><BR><BR> next <BR><BR><BR>What I need is for each and every reply I need to display the reply number....the latest should be <BR>on the top...<BR><BR>How to do this..<BR><BR>Pls help

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    You said for each and every reply you need to display the reply number. Well isn&#039;t each reply unique so it should always be 1?!<BR><BR>Now if you meant you need to display the reply id, well then you already have it there. ; )<BR><BR>Now if you are talking about number of replies for a particular message then that is different. <BR><BR>Please clarify what you are doing and maybe show a sample of what you would like displayed.<BR><BR>Pete

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