J2EE or .Net?...suggestions?

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Thread: J2EE or .Net?...suggestions?

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    Default J2EE or .Net?...suggestions?

    Hello friends,<BR> I&#039;m a relatively young developer with about 2 yrs of experience; I initally started out with the J2EE platform, however never got the opportunity to develope any commercial apps; for the past year all of my projects were done with ASP.<BR><BR>Problem: its time for me to become more proficient in a platform, and I really need your expert advice on where my time should be spend more? on the J2EE API&#039;s or should I be concentrating on .NET? Thanks so much for your input.

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    Default Well, you're asking on a biased board....

    ...most people here would say .NET, purely because that&#039;s what they&#039;ve probably had more exposure to.<BR><BR>Also, I&#039;ve heard more call for .NET experience than J2EE, so that&#039;s where I would head (had I any time to learn anything new!).<BR><BR>Craig.

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