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    Bill, couple months ago you&#039;ve stated that using web spoofing, a good spoofer can able to send bogus info to change the value of ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER"). Would this possible in an intranet environment? We are using XMLHTTP on the client to post a request to an ASP page, and we use REFERER to determine if the client&#039;s request is come from the correct DNS name. Please provide me some insight if our app is secure enough. Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Is outside access to the URL you use with XMLHTTP possible? That is, is that particular server connected to anything outside the LAN? If not, you&#039;re probably okay.<BR><BR>But if it&#039;s an internal app, why not just pass along a password? Wouldn&#039;t matter if it was hard-coded on both ends, so long as you didn&#039;t let any outsiders see the source code. It could be as long as you wanted it to be (even a GUID?) and then who could ever crack that without being able to put a traffic monitor on your LAN?<BR><BR>

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