Hi I have created a user control and put it in cache using <BR>&#060;%@ OutputCache Duration=60 VaryByParam="CustomerID"%&#062;<BR><BR>The above will cache the output of the UserControl for 60 sec if the customerid does not change. Now suppose the user clicks on another customer and the customerid changes the user control will build the new Information and put that in cache. Please suggest if I am wrong.<BR><BR>Now my problem is that the first time I use the user control with customerID say 1, it works fine. When I change my customerid to say 2, the first time the page is loaded it shows me information regarding the second customer. But the problem arises when I do a postback on the page containing this user control. After postback when the page is rendered it gives me the information about customer 1 and not customer 2. Why is that? I thought if the customerID changes, the system will relaease previous cache and hold the new information? <BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks