I&#039;m runnig Visual Studio.NET, IIS 2000 on Windows 2000.<BR>When I start a new project/ web application from Visual Studio.NET IDE, I get the following error message:<BR><BR>"The default web access mode for this project is set<BR>to file share, but the project folder at<BR>&#039;http://localhost/webApplication1&#039; cannot be openned<BR>with the path &#039;c:inetpubwwwrootWebApplication1&#039;.<BR>Th e error returned was: Unable to create web project<BR>&#039;WebApplication1&#039;. The file path<BR>&#039;c:inetpubwwwrootWebApplication1&#039 ; does not<BR>correspond to the URL<BR><BR>&#039;http://localhost/WebApplication1&#039;. The two need to<BR>map to the same server location. HTTP Error 404:<BR>Object Not Found.<BR><BR>I tried the following suggestions found from the web but nithing worked.<BR><BR>1. Grant Write perssion to wwwroot directory;<BR>2. Uncheck re-check Automatic Detect option on Connections tab of Internet Options menu of IE6;<BR>3. Add a .tmp type to MIME TYPE of the web site.<BR><BR>Anybody has other suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Qi