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    Hi guys ,,,<BR><BR>Tell me something .. do I need to take care if I have developed my ASP(with VB6.0 dlls) application in Windows 2000 using SQL2000 but I want to deploy it on a server that has Windows NT and SQL 7.0 database.<BR><BR>any help would be hugely appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks <BR><BR>me

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    depends on your code. There are features in IIS 5/ASP 3.0 (which comes with win2k) which are not in IIS4/ASP2.0. It just depends on if you have used them in your code.<BR><BR>Stuff like server.execute and server.transfer.<BR><BR>You should be able to find a list of them from googlwe and just see if you have used any of them in your code.<BR><BR>Likewise sql200 vbs 7 - there are many new features intoduced in sql2k.

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