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    I’m looking to get a new phone. Has anybody out there used Nextel? Can anybody tell me about Nextel? What does “hit me with a two-way” mean?

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    “hit me with a two-way” <BR><BR>Means : Hit me (hard) with a phone that can receive and send voice<BR><BR>.... :p<BR><BR>LOL... heh...its gonna mean some kind of synchronous communication instead of asynchronous<BR><BR>But im 100% in the dark here, I don&#039;t know what Nextel phones are so don&#039;T listen to me :p<BR><BR>Eniac

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    unless you know a bunch of people with nextels, they&#039;re really not any different than any other phone. my dad, mom, and youngest brother have nextel, so my little brother can be out, and instead of calling to get a ride home, he just "walkie talkies" my mom and she comes and picks him up. and my mom will do the same to my dad when she needs him to pick something up on his way home from work.

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