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    Being head-injured, coma almost 3 weeks, I found out: We have this Teeny-Weeny-Lifetime to prepare for Utopia; Declarations can never fully exclaim how extraordinary and far-superior Heaven is to anything we sinful mortals possess in our Finite Existence... Sign the GB, too. God Bless You. <BR><BR>"The line that divides Good versus Evil runs NOT between nations or parties or armies... but right down the middle of every human soul." -Solzhenitsyn<BR>

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    http://www.prozac.com/<BR><BR>Welcome home.

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    Default you heartless soul

    you have to "feel" god to feel the power<BR><BR><BR>c&#039;mon now.......work with me<BR><BR><BR>touch the screen......go ahead touch it<BR><BR>touch the screen and feel the power this message has<BR><BR>

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