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Thread: Inexperienced with asp and looking for advice

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    Default Inexperienced with asp and looking for advice

    I recently have been put in charge of our companies website which is done in asp. We started a project where another company would be providing news, sports, and other headlines for our site, this is where the problem starts. We contacted our programmer and informed them we needed a template page for the other company to use to fit their headlines into our site, so he provided a template page for them that was asp. They came back and said they couldn't use asp it had to be html, I contacted our programmer and informed him of this, to which he explained that we had include files, a banner rotator, date and time, and a random product profile all done in asp, which would have to be removed or redone differently to work on html pages. The company providing the headlines is now telling me that the asp code on the page will work if we change the extension to html jsut the includes will be a problem. I did some research and discovered that i can include files as long as the doc calling the include is shtml or asp, but I have searched and was unable to find any reference to being able to have asp code on a html file and it working. I'm starting to lean towards agreeing with our programmer that we could have everything we currently have if we do things differently but that is an expense we are trying to avoid. If anyone can shed some light on this for me or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it so that I can at least have some insight to this.

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    Default It's a setting in the Web Server

    You can tell the Web Server to send files with *any* extension to any of the possible plugins. And ASP *is* just a plugin, after all.<BR><BR>So you just have to find where the setting is that says "send .asp to the ASP plugin" and add ".html" to the list of files.<BR><BR>But I also think that the company you are working with is blowing smoke. I can&#039;t *imagine* how they can even be *aware* of whether your page is ASP or HTML if they are a client-side "feed".<BR><BR>But even if they tell you truth, there&#039;s another easy fix:<BR><BR>Put their "feed" into a &#060;FRAME&#062; on your page and have it be &#060;FRAME SRC="whatever.html"&#062;. <BR><BR>Personally, I want to see the "feed" code they are using, because I don&#039;t believe them about not being able to use it in an asp page.<BR><BR>

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