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Thread: writing a datareader to a file

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    I&#039;d like to write the data returned by a stored procedure to a file. I have the following codes that creates a file successfully, but the file when opened has this in it: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader.<BR><BR>Privat e Sub CreateFile()<BR> Dim oSteamWriter As StreamWriter<BR><BR> &#039;get recordset<BR> GetData()<BR><BR> &#039;create file and write to it<BR> oSteamWriter = File.CreateText(Server.MapPath("downloadmyfile.csv "))<BR> oSteamWriter.WriteLine(oDr)<BR> oSteamWriter.Close()<BR> End Sub<BR><BR>GetData() grabs the recordset as a datareader. I figured that maybe the datareader must be converted to a string value first before passing it as a parameter to the WriteLine method, althouth this method can accept an object? I used to do be able to do this in Classic asp, but I used GetString() to fetch the records from the database.<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggetsions.

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    You have to iterate the reader and write the value of each column.

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