CDONTS not sending all e-mails?

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Thread: CDONTS not sending all e-mails?

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    I have a list of about 100 e-mail addresses which I send a newsletter from my web site once a week.<BR><BR>Currently, this is set up by selecting their e-mail addresses from the database and sending an e-mail out to each individual user.<BR><BR>However, CDONTS seems to be having problems with all these e-mail addresses and does not send them all out, but instead only sends out about half (if that). I have had to resort to spliting up the e-mail list into a number of groups and sending it out that way.<BR><BR>I have 2 questions:<BR>Is this a common error when using CDONTS?<BR>Should I just send out 1 e-mail BCC-ing everyone in on it?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer.

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    I&#039;ve not heard of this problem before, but I personally don&#039;t like using BCC. The problem is that although it sounds like a good idea, all any recipient has to do is look at the Internet Headers to see what other addresses have been included.<BR><BR>I know there are other programs you can purchase that will cope with bulk e-mailing much better than CDONTS. <BR><BR>CDONTS has actually been replaced by CDO (or so I&#039;m lead to believe) this may cope better.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Pete.

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