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    Hello everyone,<BR><BR>I&#039;m relatively new to ASP .NET and have been struggling with a problem. Originally I attempted to create a very simple class in my server-size script in an aspx document. In the same script (outside of the class in my Page_Load subroutine) I tried to create an instance of this class, an object of my class type like I&#039;ve learned to do so frequently in Java. However, the error that was returned to me said there is not type defined by my class name. So I tried to create a different file and import/include it in my script with no success. ALL I WANT TO DO IS CREATE A SIMPLE CLASS AND USE INSTANCES OF IT IN MY SERVER-SIDE SCRIPT!!! Please help, this would make my life so much easier! Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>-Shawn

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    Are you putting the class in it&#039;s own Assembly and compiling it to the /bin folder of your website?<BR><BR>Does your calling .aspx page have a reference to your assembly?

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