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    Default Virtual Directory Roots

    when i create a virtual directory in IIS, can I make that folder be a root.... in otherwords. if I have http://localhost/testSite , can i make all the docs in testSite think testSite is the lowest root. That way, when i do a /images it looks to the images folder in testSite.

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    Default Not that I know of.

    If you are running an operating system that allows you to setup multiple virtual SITEs (not directories), you can.<BR><BR>You can even use Host Name Headers and your hosts file to access them w/ quasi domain names.

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    Default could you expand upon this, God?

    It looks like I might need to do the same thing soon. Virtual Sites I haven&#039;t dealt with yet. How do you set them up? what&#039;s a "quasi" domain? Is that like "quasi-moto"? heh, if you got a faq or something I could look at that&#039;d be great.<BR>~~Chaotix

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