what's the opposite of Server.Map?

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Thread: what's the opposite of Server.Map?

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    Here&#039;s what I need to do:<BR><BR>Lets let I have a file located at "Z:MyAppmyFile.txt" on the server. On my web form, I have a Hyperlink that I want to direct to (and open) this file. How do I obtain the virtual address for this file so that I can create the hyperlink?<BR><BR>For instance, I can&#039;t just do &#060;a href="Z:MyAppmyFile.txt"&#062;file&#060;/a&#062; because the client computer doesnt know where Z: is. <BR><BR>I need a way to map "Z:MyAppmyFile.txt" to something like "http://www.mysite.com/myFile.txt" so that the link will be recognized.<BR><BR>I think I saw some function that does this but I cant remember what it&#039;s called.<BR>Server.Map maps a virtual address to a physical address. I need to do the opposite. Can someone show me some light here?

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    have another website mapped to your mapped drive?<BR><BR>Is the file located somewhere under the root of the website?<BR><BR>If not, a URL to that file won&#039;t work anyway.<BR><BR>

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