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Thread: Browser says page has errors?

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    Default Browser says page has errors?

    My app will load but I noticed at the bottom left of the browser it will say "Done, but with errors on page".<BR><BR>If I click on the icon it says "Error: Unterminated string constant".<BR><BR>If I run Build; Rebuild Project in VS.Net I get no errors:<BR>Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped<BR><BR>Anyone know how I can find out what the browser is having a problem with? Again, the page will load and work just fine.

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    Default That's a client-side error...

    That is, an error in the browser, in the Script code therein.<BR><BR>So the best way to find it is click on the VIEW menu and then on the SOURCE menu item and look *ONLY* at the HTML (and, of course, the &#060;SCRIPT&#062; code) on that page.<BR><BR>Presumably, you will find the bug in some JS client-side code.<BR><BR>If you turn on script debugging, you may get a better error message and/or line number and/or real debug help.<BR><BR>

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