This has nothing to do with ASP, but it&#039;s quite irritating so I thought I&#039;d try it here since there seems to be lots of knowledgable people around. If no-one can answer this I&#039;d appreciate being directed toward a forum that might help.<BR><BR>A few days ago I ran a SOCKS setup program called HTTP-Tunnel in order to get temporary access to Kazaa at work. Ever since then I have been unable to access my intranet which is quite embaressing for the bloke that wrote it in the first place. I&#039;ve no idea what&#039;s happened to cause this: I&#039;m not running HTTP-tunnel anymore and a reboot didn&#039;t help. The only clue I&#039;ve got is that I say the HTTP-Tunnel "default" IP pop up in my browser status bar at one point. <BR><BR>I&#039;m loathe to approach my systems administrator for obvious reasons, so I&#039;d really like to fix this myself, if you guys can help!<BR>