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    Default If all else fails


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    Default This is a good reason why computers

    and guns don&#039;t mix. Now alcohol and guns is TOTALLY different!<BR><BR>Lol

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    Default hehehe

    at the most what i did was throw my laptop off the table onto the floor out of frustration....not like it hung on me but the app i was working on was not working.....and jsut could not figure out why<BR><BR><BR>that was the end of it......dont have a laptop since that day....and after all that.....i had a ( instead of a { and could not see it....and the damb debugger was pointing all over but anywhere near there<BR><BR><BR>now i figured out to debug client side script but who knows if it would work with an error like that though &#060;shrug&#062;<BR><BR>

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