I need some help. I am trying to write an ASP page that will detect the IP of the remote host, and based upon what block it is in, it will be routed to a different page.<BR><BR>I have the script working for single IP addresses just fine, however I want to cover the entire 255 addresses in a block. I could type each one in a huge if/else, but that would take forever to write and execute. I am not real good at VBscript, but I do know C++, so I understand what needs to be done, I just don&#039t know exactly how to do it or if it can be done in VBscript. I assume I need to chop off the last 4 characters in the string (.xxx) and do a match on the first part (xxx.xxx.xxx). I apologize for my lame terminology. :)<BR><BR>Detailed Example:<BR><BR>Visitor comes in from<BR>ASP sees it is in block 63.70.202<BR>Redirects user to a page, let&#039s say 6370202.asp<BR><BR>Another visitor comes in from<BR>ASP sees it is in block 63.75.46<BR>Redirects user to page 637546.asp