As you likely know, the Forum&#039;s been a overflowin&#039; a bit lately. I have worked too many hours on this matter on my own and somewhat with Doug Dean (the forum&#039;s creator). This problem existed before when the # of posts broke the 2^16 or 2^15 barrier (I don&#039;t remember which, whether Doug was using Unsigned ints or not...), and Doug replaced all instances of Ints with Longs. So... that shouldn&#039;t be the issue... Also, believe it or not, but TWO DIFFERENT versions of the Forum Software are running on this box in tandem. The Newer version used to display the Forum listings, while the old version (still does) display the individual posts and Forum Admin page. Interestingly, the old forum component could display the ASP Q&A forum just fine, even though the new forum thought it was overflowing.<BR><BR>Anyway, essentially I spent the better part of the last 4 hours or so writing the ASP code needed to generate the forum display all nice and pretty like you guys seem to like (the lines and stuff connecting all the posts to you can visually tell what posts are replies to what posts and such).<BR><BR>So, it&#039;s NEW CODE and could be buggy, but my preliminary testing has shown it to work. You might notice that if you had the forum configured to show the text at larger font sizes, it is not back to a small font size, I&#039;ll work on this in a bit. Also, the last post shown in the forum isn&#039;t displayed correctly with the little graphical lines, I&#039;ll fix that sometime too.<BR><BR>I managed to cut down the amount of HTML used to display a forum by about 33%, so you should see some faster download times. Also, I think my code is pretty tight, basically dumps the proper subset of data from the database into an array and then works with it from there.<BR><BR>If you have any problems or get any error messages or whatnot, lemme know.