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    I am more familiar with Javascript, but for this particular project I am doing, I have to use VBSCript. I am trying to set a radio button "checked" property to false when something else is selected. Here is the code snippet<BR><BR>If document.Form1.lstStandardReports.selectedIndex &#060;&#062; -1 Then <BR>document.Form1.radInclude.checked = false<BR>End If<BR><BR>It is telling me "Object does not support this property or method &#039;document.Form1.radInclude.checked&#039;"<BR> <BR>What am i doing wrong??? Im using Visual Interdev, and it brings up the properties and methods for me, so why would it let me chose from the list of properties and methods if it didnt exist????

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    Probably because it&#039;s an array of radio buttons, not one radio button.<BR><BR>Try:<BR>document.Form1.radInclude[0].checked = false;<BR><BR>Craig.

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