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    Andy K Guest

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    I can&#039t create a new project in Visual Interdev because the Web Project Wizard doesn&#039t recognise the server name "oemcomputer" - comes back with "Unable to contact web server http://oemcomputer" - yet my browser can find that page fine. I&#039ve tried reinstalling PWS and Visual Interdev but no joy...<BR><BR>Help!!

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    Tobey Unruh Guest

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    I had a similar issue when my computer got renamed to something different and the PWS still thought it was the old one.<BR><BR>Might check out TechNet (, I do recall seeing some article on it.<BR><BR>Hope it helps,<BR>Tobey

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    Keith Myles Guest

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    yep seen the same problem on iis as well ..sometimes (Depending on ur network architecture)your workstation may not be able to resolve the host name on the network in tcp/ip<BR>eg you can see the host fine under "microsoft networking"..and can map a share to the host ..but can&#039t connect to the host via tcp/ip (tcp/ip and microsoft have a different spin on things) <BR>why not try connecting via ip address in visual studio 6 ...<BR>eg ..substitute the ip address of the web server in the dialog box in vs6.0 and see if u can connect ...good luck !!<BR><BR>

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    Renee G Guest

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    I&#039m no expert on this but I just ran across some info tonight about installing PWS that might be of use:<BR><BR>1) in windows directory rename host.sam to host<BR>2) open host in notepad, and at the bottom there is an ip address (something like 101.0.0.) and a name. Change the name to the name of your computer.<BR><BR>There were a few other steps in order to install but I think the host file is the problem? P.S. these were instructions for running PWS on a system that is not connected to a network.

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