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Thread: Upload data from offline Access DB??

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    Not sure if this is OT or not.<BR><BR>I have built an Access database that resides on a client&#039;s local machine - for internal offline use only. The DB contains data that I want to upload to another Access DB that resides on a web server (with my ISP). I want to find an automatic way of getting the data from their machine onto the web server.<BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to upload data residing in tables from the offline DB directly into tables in the DB that is on the server???<BR><BR>Would I need some sort of VB application to do this?<BR><BR><BR>Regards<BR>RJ<BR><BR>

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    Default 100% untested...

    But I *think* you could do this by making the Web site a "fully trusted site" in the browser settings. Then you could use client-side scripting to read the Access DB and send it, perhaps simply as &#060;FORM&#062; data, on to the web site.<BR><BR>Normally, the browser can&#039;t use ActiveX components that might do nasty things to the user&#039;s machine, so you&#039;d have to specially permit this one site to have access to them.<BR><BR>

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